Kyohina products

Parental love
and good Sake
will come back to you
when you forget.

The father is an engineer and the mother is a sake brewery.
In its womb is a freshly squeezed baby.
When they become daughters, they will start to change color and we will have to keep an eye on them and "Hi-ire" (Pasteurization) to prevent bad bugs from getting into them.

Post-fermentation is a schoolgirl's time, acquire luster, culture, and refinement.
Each of the daughters has a different appearance, but they all produce a clean, crisp, and mature flavor.

Nuibo-sai(Shinto ritual)
Sake brewing

In order to meet a suitable son-in-law with each bottle, the father spends his life on his daughter, anticipating her marriage destination.
That's the kind of state of mind that makes you want to lean against your house...

Good sake has five tastes: sweet, sour, astringent, spicy, and bitter - subtle flavors that harmonize with the climate.

Please try the pure and elegant KYOHINA.

Origin of KYOHINA

The town of Uchiko has a long history, having prospered from wood wax since the Edo period (1603 - 1868) .

Sakuroku Sake Brewing, which has a brewery there, was founded in 1920 when 8 breweries merged to form the predecessor brewery.

In 1941, Shigeichiro Sakai founded "Sakaroku Sake Brewing" and named the trademark KYOHINA.

It was named after a famous monk in Kyoto who was closely related to the founder, who drank this sake and praised it on the day of the Doll Festival.

Sake brewery


Company name
President Naoyuki Takechi
3279-1, Uchiko, Uchiko-cho, Kita-gun, Ehime, 791-3301, Japan
Manufacture and sale of sake, authentic rice shochu, and liqueurs
Founded in
Representative Brands
10 million yen
6 (Including part-time employees) (as of October, 2021)
Corporate History
In 1920, 8 sake breweries in the former Uchiko Town, Ikazaki Town and Ozu City merged to form Kita Shuzo Co. Established a sake brewing business at the current address.

Company name changed to SAKAROKU SAKE BREWING Co.,Ltd. in 1941.